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City Beach

lighthouse.jpg2012 - 2016 CITY BEACH PARKING LOT PASSES GOOD FOR 2018

City residents and taxpayers who have proxy cards from last year or the year before can still use those same cards in 2018. City Beach parking lot season passes will be available starting March 1, 2018 at City Hall for City residents and/ or taxpayers who do not already have them. Your City taxes support the City Beach, which allows up to two City Beach parking lot season passes per household for free. City Beach parking lot season passes are now proximity cards. No more windshield stickers!

How do I get my City Beach parking lot pass?

Starting March 1, 2018 you can come to City Hall to get up to two season passes per household. (City Hall is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Time.) These passes are not stickers for car windshields, so there is no need to bring us your vehicle registration. If you are a City taxpayer, we can look you up in our taxes database. If you are a City resident, but are not a property taxpayer, you can just show us proof that you live here (such as a current bill mailed to your address in the City) to get your season passes (which are now proximity cards.)  There will only be two passes issued for each property, whether owner or renter.

What is a proximity card?  How do they work?

Proximity cards are a little bit like tollway passes (like the I-PASS,) but not as far of range. When proximity cards get placed close enough for the gate machine to read it (which is very close,) the gate’s light will turn green, and the gate will lift open. After a proximity card lets someone into the parking lot, it will not be able to be used immediately to re-enter the City Beach. It takes a while to re-set. If you want to leave the parking lot to get dinner, the card would have enough time to re-set, and you could re-enter the parking lot (as long as it is not full.)

Where is the entrance and exit this year?

Just like last year, you will pay or use your season pass to get into the parking lot at the entrance. However, this year the exit is no longer at the entrance. The exit is back to where it was two years ago, where Whittaker Street curves into Marquette Drive, on the riverside.

What are the parking lot fees for this year?

The City Beach parking lot has a flat fee of $12 (effective May, 2018) for each day of the week.  This fee is an entrance fee. You may re-enter the City Beach parking lot later in the day if it is not full and if you pay again.

Are non-resident passes available?

Non-resident passes are available for New Buffalo Township residents and property owners for purchase of $40 with 50 passes available. For other non-residents, there are 25 passes available at $50 each. These season passes are also proximity cards.

When does collection start?

The new beachgate system will start working in May. Sunsets and sunrises are still free. Collection hours are between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Visitors using the parking lot before or after these collection hours do not have to pay to enter the City Beach.


Third Coast Surf Shop offers rentals and lessons for kayaks and paddleboards as a City concession at the City Beach, between the parking lot and the breakwater.

City Beach Kayak Concession

Please see the City's Water Trails page for information on paddling the Galien River and Lake Michigan.