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City Riverfront Project


Project Summary
The City Riverfront Project seeks to develop the underutilized space in the City's Lakefront Park, for two purposes:  1) protect the shoreline from a severe erosion control problem – thus protecting the City Beach parking lot from potential undermining, and 2) develop 1.7 acres of waterfront parkland into a fun and enjoyable use-area for residents and visitors alike.
The Project will include erosion control and stormwater management elements, and may include a first responder boat dock, an interpretive walking area, sculptures, picnic areas, native vegetation and landscaping, and other amenities.  The City Beach parking lot will continue to serve as a kayak access point, but utilizing the shore northerly of the lot, between the lot and the North Breakwater.
This project will implement goals from the City's Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2005-2010, as well as provide green initiatives, increase walkability, and provide cultural economic development opportunities.


Finalized Scoping
The Pokagon Fund has awarded the City a grant of $16,870 for finalized scoping of the City Riverfront Project.  This finalized scoping is part of the work outlined in the City Riverfront Project Request for Proposals.  So far the City has had two public input meetings including the City Council and their advisory bodies, the Harbor Commission and Park and Recreation Board.
Here is a concept sketch of the project elements which are being discussed:
Riverfront Concept Sketch 2012.01.30 A


Project Implementation
To realize all of the City Riverfront Project's concepts will take several years.  The first priority of the City is for erosion control measures along the City Beach parking lot.  After finalized scoping is complete, much work is needed for design engineering, permitting, and securing funding before construction can be bid out, awarded, and begun.