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Amtrak 110 mph Celebration


February 15, 2012 — To celebrate the first expansion of regional high speed rail outside the Northeast Corridor a special train operated at a maximum speed of 110 mph today. Aboard were federal, state and local officials, including the City of New Buffalo’s City Manager Michael Mitchell, Chief of Police Larry Pitchford, Street Superintendent John Sayne, and Assistant to the City Manager Ryan Fellows.

From the Amtrak press release:  Amtrak began raising speeds on this corridor from 79 mph in 2001 to 90 mph in 2002 and to 95 mph in 2005. Sustained operations at 110 mph will shave 10 minutes from the 95 mph schedules and about 20 minutes from the 2001 schedules on the Amtrak-owned segment of the corridor.

Please see the remainder of the Amtrak Press Release.


At New Buffalo's station

At New Buffalo's station.  On far right to left: Street Superintendent John Sayne, Chief of Police Larry Pitchford, and City Manager Michael Mitchell.


At Kalamazoo's station

At Kalamazoo's station.


In front of Kalamazoo's station

In front of Kalamazoo's station


Passenger rail officials

Tim Hoeffner, P.E., Michigan Department of Transportation Director of the Office of Rail (right,) and other rail officials.