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Encourage Completion of Village Square


Completing Village Square is a key goal of the New Buffalo City Council.  As with many places in the United States, when the housing bubble burst, Village Square was one of the many construction projects left unfinished.

The status of the project is closely monitored by the City Building Inspector, City Assessor, and City Manager.  The original developer went out of business, and the succeeding company had a similar fate, along with their bank.  The FDIC was involved at one point.  Right now the goal of interested parties is to get a free and clear deed possible, so a new party (as yet unknown who) could acquire the property.

If Village Square were a public improvement project, the City would have had a performance bond to ensure the completion of construction (please note that legally there is no way the City can obtain a performance bond for a private development.)  However, part of the approved site plan for Village Square does include a new storm sewer down East Water Street, to handle the extra capacity of stormwater due to creating additional impermeable space.  The new storm sewer was a public improvement, which the City had a performance bond for.  The East Water Street Storm Sewer Project was completed in 2008.

August 15, 2008 – City Manager at the time, Chuck Dobbins (left) watching the progress of the Pajay Construction crew adding the new storm sewer (picture taken from the eastern end of Water Street, looking west):

Construction of East Water Street Storm Sewer