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Emergency Harbor Dredging Fund


The Emergency Harbor Dredging Fund (EHDF) was created to provide money for the dredging of the Federal Navigation Channel of New Buffalo Harbor, on an emergency basis and not to supplant the regular maintenance dredging performed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (per City Ordinances, Chapter 7, Harbor, Article III, Emergency Harbor Dredging Fund.)


Year  Cu Yd   Cost ($)   Fund Source  Contractor
2012 6,248 164,511 Pokagon Fund, City EHDF  Donkersloot
2011 124,000 Pokagon Fund  Donkersloot
2010 13,075 217,000 U.S. Congress  King
2009 93,824 City EHDF  Donkersloot
2008 7,135 195,601 U.S. Congress  MCM Marine
2007 N/A  N/A N/A  N/A
2006 2,907 50,698 U.S. Congress  King
2005 11,107 103,306 U.S. Congress  King


Information for 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2010 (years when Congress funded dredging) is from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fact sheet for New Buffalo dredging.  Information from other years is from City sources.  More information on New Buffalo Harbor can be found on the USACE New Buffalo Harbor Project webpage.



Up-river from the Federal Navigation Channel


The river from the City Boat Launch to the Whittaker Street Bridge is called the Launch Access Channel.  This area is immediately up-river from the Federal Navigation Channel.  In 2013, this area was dredged thanks to a Michigan Department of Natural Resources Waterways Grant of $322,349.70.  In a public-private partnership, Harbor Pointe Shores also dredged their boat slip part of the river for an additional $129,217.51. Between the grant funded work, private work, and non-grant funded work the whole project costed $464,012.24. The public-private partnership saved public funding by over $20,000 through sharing fixed costs such as mobilization and the spoils site flat fee.