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Oselka Park: Phase 1 Groundbreaking

April 23, 2008 Oselka Park: Phase 1 Groundbreaking (left to right): City Manager Chuck Dobbins, Ron Oselka (original park land donator), The Pokagon Fund Executive Director Mary Dunbar, Karen Bartos-Poff of Horizon Bank (fireplace donator), Park and Recreation Board Chair Warren Peterson, and Mayor Bob Westergren.


City Council (left to right): Jim Oselka, Gary Ramberg, Mayor Bob Westergren, Mayor Pro Tem William J. Geisler, and Jack Kennedy.


Park and Recreation Board (left to right): Chair Warren Peterson with Migs Murray, Natalie Mooney, Diane Pyshos, Arnie Feinberg, Jen Deadman, and Ryan Gerrard.


Horizon Bank representatives with Mayor Bob Westergren.


City staff members with the Mayor (left to right): Fire Chief Bill Taylor, Chief of Police Larry Pitchford, Assistant to the City Manager Ryan Fellows, and Mayor Bob Westergren.

OP1 GB City staff members with Mayor

Mayor Bob Westergren with representatives from Cross Lake Constructions (the contractor) and Fleis and VandenBrink (the engineer).


Planning Commission Members: Rich Shoemaker, Kevin Murray, Marge Kowalec, and Donna Messinger.


Horizon Bank presents the City with a donation to pay for the fireplace.

OP1 Fireplace Check from Horizon Bank

A special meeting of the City Council selects the brick type and color.