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Oselka Park: Phase 2 Groundbreaking


June 20, 2011 The City of New Buffalo kicked off the second phase of improvements to Oselka Park with a celebration at the park today. Completing the dream envisioned within the City's Park and Recreation Master Plan, the Oselka Park improvements will provide a diverse range of year-round activities for the community, including a band shell, sports fields and trails, sledding hill and outdoor ice rink. The project highlights years of successful cooperation between various government and local groups.

"Oselka Park: Phase 2 is a priority project of the City Council," noted New Buffalo Mayor William J. Geisler. "Thanks to a generous grant from The Pokagon Fund, we look forward to fulfilling our goal of making a park which everyone in Harbor Country can enjoy, and the people of New Buffalo can be proud of."

Funding for the Phase 2 of the Oselka Park project is made possible by a grant from The Pokagon Fund. Additional project funding for the School Yard Walk is coming from the New Buffalo Area Schools.

"This park is already used by so many in this community for baseball, softball, and soccer. It's also a great place for families looking for a shady respite for their families to play after a day at the beach," shared Mary Dunbar, Executive Director of The Pokagon Fund. "With these additional improvements, Oselka Park will now be THE destination for winter sports like sledding and ice skating. Kudos to the New Buffalo City Councils, past and present, who had the foresight to develop such a centerpiece for our city."

The City enlisted the services of Fleis & VandenBrink Engineering (F&V) to assist in the development of the park's features as well as the stormwater management and street improvements. F&V's construction group anticipates that the park will be open to the public by this fall. "This has been a challenging project to design," said Tim Woodhams, Project Manager with F&V. "The community support and passion has made this a rewarding project to work on."

City Manager Michael Mitchell:


Mayor William J. Geisler:


The Pokagon Fund Executive Director Mary Dunbar:


Fleis and VandenBrink's Harry Wierenga:


Breaking ground for Phase 2 (from left to right): City Council Member and former Chair of the Park and Recreation Board Warren Peterson, New Buffalo Area Schools Superintendent Mark Westerburg, Mayor William J. Geisler, The Pokagon Fund Executive Director Mary Dunbar, Paul D. Oselka (Phase 2 contractor), and Larry Flies of Fleis and VandenBrink (engineering and construction management consultant).


City Council Members breaking ground (from left to right): Susan Maroko, Warren Peterson, Mayor William J. Geisler, and Mayor Pro Tem Migs Murray.


The Pokagon Fund (from left to right): New Buffalo Township Board Representative Supervisor Rosann Dudiak, Executive Director Mary Dunbar, and New Buffalo City Board Representative Mayor Pro Tem Migs Murray.


Front row (from left to right): Council Member Warren Peterson, City Manager Michael Mitchell, Mayor Pro Tem Migs Murray, Council Member Susan Maroko, Mayor William J. Geisler, New Buffalo Township Supervisor Rosann Dudiak, The Pokagon Fund Executive Director Mary Dunbar, Park and Recreation Board Member Linda Henderson, F&V RLA Harry Wierenga, and F&V Cad Technician Rick Grady. Back row (from left to right): Parks Superintendent Bryan Van Artsen, ..., Assistant to the City Manager, Planning Commission Chair Rich Shoemaker, contractor Paul D. Oselka, F&V Principal Larry Fleis, New Buffalo Area Schools Superintendent Mark Westerburg, F&V PE Tim Woodhams, and F&V PE Kendall Beck.


And the work begins....