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Galien River Watershed Field Trip

September 21, 2011 The Galien River Watershed Steering Committee hosted a field trip which featured the rain gardens being built at Oselka Park during Phase 2 construction.

New Buffalo City Council Member Warren Peterson describes the progress being made at Oselka Park during Phase 2 construction:

Council Member Warren Peterson

Rain gardens will have native vegetation plantings with deep root systems intended to be extra long straws, which should keep them dry most of the time, except during rain events. The rain garden plantings, after a year or so of taking root and maturing, will provide a pleasant natural feature which will attract birds, butterflies, and other fauna.

Rain Garden

Rain gardens are identified in the Illicit Discharge Elimination Program grant work as a Best Management Practice for stormwater drainage systems. More information is available concerning rain gardens from raingardens.org, run by the West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

Southwest Michigan Planning Commission Program Assistant Kris Martin describes his progress with door-to-door contacts in support of clean water:

Kris Martin

Berrien County Heath Department inspector Ken Priest spoke regarding e. coli testing along Lake Michigan's beaches in Berrien County:


The Conservation Fund's Midwest Director Peg Kohring speaking at the Genetzke property in Chikaming Township along the Galien River, which has recently become protected through the efforts of Chikaming Open Lands:

Peg Kohring

Chikaming Open Lands Executive Director Chris Thompson:

Chris Thompson

Chikaming Open Lands Land Protection Intern Susan LaCroix:

Susan LaCroix

Bob Tatina, Professor Emeritus, Dakota Weslyan University, spoke on wetland importance and assessments:

Bob Tatina