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Green Stormwater Grant


City Riverfront - Green stormwater concept

Green stormwater concept drawing.


August 31, 2012 — A federal grant of $263,188 has been awarded to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to build a green stormwater management system at New Buffalo City Beach to reduce bacteria and nutrient levels.  The City of New Buffalo is supplying 20% in matching funds towards this project.
The City of New Buffalo worked on the grant application with The Conservation Fund, who has been the City’s steadfast partner in improving stormwater quality for the whole Galien River watershed.  Financing this project is critical to helping the City meet our goal of cleaner stormwater, which makes water cleaner at the City Beach.  
The City of New Buffalo is hosting a public meeting on Wednesday, September 5, at 6:30PM, at City Hall, 224 W. Buffalo St, New Buffalo, to review the City’s Riverfront Plan, which includes the stormwater system.  The City will be scheduling additional public meetings to provide education about stormwater management, and to invite comment on the project.
The 2003 Galien River Watershed Management Plan assigns the highest priority to finding, controlling, and/or eliminating of sources of E. coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria.  In 2009, the City was awarded a $47,738 Illicit Discharge Elimination Program grant through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (now DEQ) to help the City with this goal.  
City Council Member Warren Peterson was instrumental in applying for both of these grants and assisting the City with these endeavors. "This project continues the City’s commitment to improve surface water quality within our community by reducing sources of pollution," says Mr. Peterson. 
This grant announcement happens to coincide with a City Beach contamination advisory (based on a high E. coli count) which started on Tuesday, August 28, and ended Wednesday, August 29.  E. coli is typically found in the excrement of warm-blooded animals (mammals and birds.)  E. coli is not necessarily dangerous, but their presence does indicate the likelihood of other microorganisms being in the water, which might be harmful.  This project is green stormwater infiltration system is designed to reduce bacteria and other contaminants from entering our waterways.



Green Stormwater Project


Green Stormwater Concept is being reviewed during a public hearing of the City Council on April 22, 2013.  The Conservation Fund gave a presentation at this meeting.