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Stormwater/ IDEP

Stormwater Quality

The Galien River Watershed Management Plan assigns the highest priority to the finding, control, and/or elimination of sources of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria. The Plan establishes a Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) for E. coli bacteria of 130 CFU/100mL, which reflects the upper limit concentration deemed suitable or recreational total body contact. The City of New Buffalo is the largest urban area within the watershed, and received a grant to perform an investigation of its storm water drainage system. The primary focus of the investigation was the characterization of flows and the finding of sources for E. coli bacteria in storm water runoff. Several potential sources of water pollution were identified and efforts were initiated by the City to mitigate and/or control these sources. (See the rest of the IDEP Fact Sheet.)

Best Management Practices

The City is working collaboratively on several of these with other groups such as the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission and Berrien County Health Department:

  • Public Education, Outreach and Awareness
  • City Maintenance Improvements
  • Drain Clean-up
  • Drain Monitoring
  • Septic Tank System Connections
  • Stormwater Management Ordinance Revisions

Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP) Documents:

IDEP Fact Sheet
IDEP Report Part 1: Narrative
IDEP Report Part 2: Figures and Maps, Appendices A-C
IDEP Report Part 3: Appendix D [available at City Hall]
IDEP Report Part 4: Appendices E-F
IDEP Report Part 5: Appendix G [available at City Hall]