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Retirement of Joan Weishaupt-Jones


February 29, 2008 — City Clerk Joan Weishaupt-Jones at her retirement party at Hannah's Restaurant, after over forty years of distinguished public service to the City of New Buffalo:


Joan Weishaupt-Jones


Mayor Bob Westergren giving his retirement congratulations speech:

Bob Westergren


Mayor Pro Tem Rusty Geisler also offered his congratulations and thank you for her service:

Rusty Geisler


Berrien County Clerk Louise Stine presenting Ms. Weishaupt-Jones a plaque commemorating her distinguished service:

Louise Stine


City Hall office staffers, left to right, Office Assistant Kim Schmitz, the Deputy Clerk, and Assistant Treasurer Nancy Mast:

Office staffers


Dale Clingerman, of NIES Engineering – the City Engineer, and Assistant to the City Manager Ryan Fellows:

Dale Clingerman and Ryan Fellows


City Assessor Chuck Sittig and Custodian Ron Lonske:

Chuck Sittig and Ron Lonske


Meg Killips, Police Officer Dave Handley, and Police Officer Rich Killips:

Killips and Handley