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Marina/Boat Launch Maintenance Program

The new Recreational Facilities Superintendent, City Manager and Assistant City Manager are working with the Harbor Commission and City Council to ensure proper maintenance and improvements for:

(1) City Transient Marina:

  • New Marina Pump-out (finished, 2012)
  • Internet access for guests (finished, 2013)
  • Electric/municipal water pedestal upgrades
  • Regular schedule for finger pier repainting
  • Repaving the parking lot

(2) City Boat Launch:

  • Skid pier refurbishment (finished, 2011)
  • Repave the parking lot

Interested persons are invited to attend Harbor Commission meetings to see this maintenance plan get developed.  The Harbor Commission ordinarily meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at City Hall.  Please check the City Calender for confirmation.

Fish Cleaning Station

In addition to these City improvements, the City is working collaboratively with the Michiana Steelheaders for a new combined fish cleaning-restroom facility.  This fish cleaning station will have a new sanitary sewer forcemain, grinders, and other features to negate smell, keeping the facility clean and enjoyable for everyone.  This proposed facility is the design phase and it must pass review by the Galien River Sanitary District Sewer Authority, Harbor Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council.  This proposed facility would be funded through the Michiana Steelheaders.