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City Picnic 2007

August 25, 2007 - The City Picnic was held today, including members of City staff, City Council, Planning Commission (PC,) and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA.)


City Picnic 2

Left to right: Mayor Bob Westergren, Chief of Police Larry Pitchford, Rick Reitz (Water Dept.,) Ray Lawson (ZBA,) Mayor Pro Tem Rusty Geisler, and City Council Member Gary Ramberg.


City Picnic 1

Left to right: Nancy Smith (ZBA,) Marge Kowalec (PC,) Mayor Bob Westergren, Juli Westergren, City Manager Tom Johnson, Tony Ashbaugh (ZBA,) Julie Ashbaugh, and Nora Duffy (ZBA.)


City Picnic 4

Officer Jason Grimmett, Chief of Police Larry Pitchford, and Officer Dennis Buehler.


City Picnic 5

Left to right:  Butch Conklin (Street Dept.,) Chris Huston (Water/ Fire Dept's,) Bryan Van Artsen (Parks Dept.,) and Sergeant Rich Killips.


City Picnic 8

Left to right: Jordan Geisler, Jill Geisler, William Geisler, and Mayor Pro Tem Rusty Geisler.


City Picnic 9

Left to right: Mary Beth Moriarty and Lisa Werner.


City Picnic 10

Foreground, left to right: Officer Mike Cluster with Rob Greuner (Water/ Fire Dept's.)


City Picnic 11

The other side of the beanbag game.  Bob James (center, Street Dept.,) and onlooker City Clerk Joan Weishaupt-Jones (right.)


Harold Killingworth

Harold Killingworth (Street Dept.)


City Picnic 7

Left to right: Assistant to the City Manager Ryan Fellows, Assistant Treasurer Nancy Mast, and Office Assistant Allyson Holm Marcussen.