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Public Service Appreciation City Picnic

September 7, 2013 — In a dedication to public service appreciation, a City picnic was hosted at Oselka Park to honor the public service of City Council members, City board and commission members, and City staff.


Mayor Migs Murray:

Mayor Migs Murray


City Manager Rusty Geisler:

City Manager Rusty Geisler


Assistant Fire Chief Jack Kennedy (and Board of Review Member and City Boat Launch staffer) and Mayor Pro Tem Ray Lawson:

Jack Kennedy and Ray Lawson


City Boat Launch staffer Bob Kerns, City Council Member Don Hatfield and Bobbi Hatfield in back; with Firefighter Patty Mattson and Parks staffer Abby Huber in front:

Bob Kerns, Don and Bobbi Hatfield, Patty Mattson, Abby Huber


City Manager Rusty Geisler, Mayor Pro Tem Ray Lawson, Park and Recreation Board Member Tami Webb, Jill Geisler, and Police Administrative Assistant Amy Mailhot:

Rusty Geisler, Ray Lawson, Tami Webb, Jill Geisler, Amy Mailhot


Parks staffer Ryan McCoy, City Clerk Allyson Holm, Parks staffer Emily Cluster, City Treasurer Debbie Lambrix, and Rebecca Cluster:

Ryan McCoy, Allyson Holm, Emily Cluster, Debbie Lambrix, and Rebecca Cluster


Harbor Commission Secretary Doreen Kral, Harbor Commission Chair Nancy Smith, City Boat Launch staffer Bob Kerns, and Mr. Kral:

Doreen Kral, Nancy Smith, Bob Kerns, and Mr. Kral


Assistant City Manager Ryan Fellows and Heather Fellows:

Ryan Fellows and Heather Fellows


Water Superintendent Ken Anderson with Assistant Treasurer Nancy Mast and Randy Mast:

Ken Anderson with Nancy and Randy Mast


Firefighter Patty Mattson, City Mechanic Harold Killingworth, and Street Worker Jeff Schroeder:

Patty Mattson, Harold Killingworth, Jeff Schroeder


Playing bags: 

Playing Bags 2


Recreational Facilities Superintendent Patrick Donnelly and City Clerk Allyson Holm:

Patrick Donnelly and Allyson Holm


Water Superintendent Ken Anderson and Fire Chief Chris Huston tossing the football:

Ken Anderson and Chris Huston