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XTreme Landscape Architects Forum


XTreme LA is a creative challenge for the design leaders of tomorrow. This unique professional development program teams select young professionals with prominent landscape architects for an intense 2-day charrette, in which participants develop design solutions for urban initiatives in a host city.
Teams are comprised of young (under 35) landscape architecture professionals from across the country, who have been identified by their firms as potential leaders. Participants work under celebrated team leaders with best-in-class peers to develop sustainable landscape solutions.


In a highly charged one-and-a-half day period, teams are briefed by local representatives, visit key sites, and return to studios where they strategize, devise conceptual plans, create schematic designs, and develop presentations of their solutions. Final presentations are given before an audience that includes local officials and interested citizens.


XTreme LA is is offered by Landscape Forms in partnership with LAF. In addition to providing participants with exposure and experience, the program fosters critical thinking, team building, and creative expression. It is always a memorable experience that is stimulating, educational, and fun.

Here are the plans that were created during this event:
XTreme LA Group Picture 2008
XTreme LA group picture, September 2008, at the Four Winds.