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New Deputy Clerk Christin Rice


May 6, 2013 — The City of New Buffalo is pleased to introduce Christin Rice as the City's new Deputy Clerk!  City Manager Rusty Geisler, City Clerk Allyson Holm, and Human Resources Director/ City Treasurer Debbie Lambrix chose Ms. Rice as the right person for the job due to her knowledge, skills, and values.


Ms. Rice had previously worked at Oronoko Charter Township as Deputy Clerk since 2011, and the Planning Commission Recording Secretary for Lake Charter Township since 2005.  Ms. Rice also has been certified by the Michigan Secretary of State to conduct elections.  (See the City Clerk page to learn more about the City Clerk Office.) 


City Clerk Allyson Holm administered the oath of office to new Deputy Clerk Christin Rice:

Oath of Office - Christin Rice