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Decorating City Hall's Tree 2012


New Buffalo's annual tradition of elementary students coming to City Hall to help decorate our tree continued on December 7, 2012, with help from Santa:

Santa with students


Police Administrative Assistant Amy Mailhot, Deputy Clerk Allyson Holm, and Assistant Treasurer Nancy Mast with students:

Amy Mailhot, Allyson Holm, and Nancy Mast


Assistant Treasurer Nancy Mast:

Nancy Mast


Santa and students with Recreational Facilities Superintendent Robin Abshire, Police Administrative Assistant Amy Mailhot, and Deputy Clerk Allyson Holm:

Robin Abshire, Amy Mailhot, and Allyson Holm


City Treasurer Debbie Lambrix:

Debbie Lambrix


City Clerk Kim Schmitz helping to decorate the tree:

Kim Schmitz


Santa and students:

Santa and students


City staff in front of the tree - Recreational Facilities Superintendent Robin Abshire, Deputy Clerk Allyson Holm, City Treasurer Debbie Lambrix, City Manager Rusty Geisler, City Clerk Kim Schmitz, Assistant Treasurer Nancy Mast, Office Assistant Pat Gedert:

City staff in front of the tree