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Building Department, Code Enforcement, and Zoning Administration

Building Department

The Building Department includes Building Inspector Ted Hanson, Electrical Inspector Jay Constable, and Mechanical Inspector Walter Devisser of Safebuilt.com.  Rich Shoemaker of the Galien River Sanitary District (GRSD) Sewer Authority is the Sanitary Sewer Inspector.

The inspectors in this department are responsible for processing all permits and performing all inspections for building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and signage activities within the City.

Permits must be obtained before beginning any construction, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or signage work.  Purely cosmetic (non-structural) changes, such as painting, are exempt.

If you have any questions regarding these topics please contact Building Ted Hanson of Safebuilt.com.

Code Books may be purchased directly from the State of Michigan:

Michigan Dept. of Consumer & Industry Services
Bureau of Construction Codes
P.O. Box 30255, Lansing, MI 48909

Code Enforcement

The City and Police Department work together to provide proactive code enforcement in addition to responding to concerns from residents and visitors.

Residents and visitors with questions or concerns regarding the City's General Ordinances or Zoning Ordinance are encouraged to contact the City Manager.

To help them more effectively respond to your question or concern please provide the following:

1. The nature of your question or concern.
2. The property address and location - if applicable.
3. Your name and contact information if you wish to be contacted - optional and confidential.
Thank you for your interest in keeping the City a wonderful place to live and visit!

Zoning Administration

The Office of Zoning Administrator consists of:

  • Zoning Administrator - City Manager
  • Code Enforcement Official - Gail Grosse
  • PC-ZBA Recording Secretary - Amy Fidler, City Clerk

Anyone who would like to request site plan approval, special use approval, subdivision approval, rezoning a property, zoning ordinance amendment, a variance, a zoning ordinance interpretation, a temporary use permit, hearing an appeal, etc. – as specified in the City's General Ordinances and Zoning Ordinance – should fill out a Planning Commission/ ZBA Application and submit it to the City Manager.


Building Permit

Electrical Permit

Mechanical Permit

Plumbing Permit

Planning/ ZBA Application

Zoning Application

General Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance 

Construction/Heavy Equipment on City Streets Policy

Ted Hanson - Safebuilt.com

City Building Official/
City Building Inspector/
City Plan Reviewer/

Jay Constable - Safebuilt.com
City Electrical Inspector
Walter Devisser - Safebuilt.com
City Mechanical Inspector/
City Plan Reviewer
Rich Shoemaker
GRSD Sewer Authority
Sanitary Sewer Inspector