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Capital Improvement Program 2017-2021

City of New Buffalo 2017 Street Resurfacing Project MapOn March 21, 2017 the City Council voted to proceed with obtaining prices for resurfacing various streets in New Buffalo.  Funding sources include Act 51 funding and Infrastructure Bond funding.  The scope of work includes resurfacing of streets and various sidewalk ramp repairs to meet current ADA standards.

If project costs are within budget, the project is expected to begin in July and be completed in October 2017.

The locations were primarily selected from the 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program, accelerating the five year plan. 

More information will be available soon.


N. Whittaker

Oselka to Water

W. Water

Whittaker to Landings

E. Clay

Whittaker to Bell/Farmer

W. Michigan

Whittaker to Mayhew

S. Mayhew

Detroit to Michigan

N. Willard

Mechanic to Water

W. Water

Willard to 75ft west

N. Eagle

Merchant to Water

N. Chicago

Buffalo to Mechanic


W. Washington

Mayhew to Whittaker


E. Indiana

Whittaker to Jameson

The City Council adopted the Capital Improvement Program 2017-2021 on June 21, 2016. Click on the link below to see the document.


The Capital Improvement Program is a summary of the priority infrastructure projects for the next five years.  The CIP was developed by evaluating all of the City's infrastructure components, including the streets, water system, sanitary sewers and storm sewers.  Then by looking at the infrastructure as a whole, projects were identified that make the most impact in the City based on current revenue and funding availability.

The CIP is intended to be updated every one to two years.  As funding levels, priorities or community needs change, the program can be added to or subtracted from as necessary.  The Program provides structure and a guideline for needed infrastructure improvements.  It is a tool for budgeting the City's resources, and a transparent plan for the community to understand where funding comes from and how that money is being spent.