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Complete Streets Program

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets is the idea that whenever a community is doing a street project the usability for all users is considered (e.g. motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists.)  For example, Jefferson Street was repaved with extra wide shoulders to allow for bicyclists.  The City reviews the Harbor Country Hike and Bike Plan for each street project.  For more information on Complete Streets, please see the Michigan Complete Streets website.
In the City, we take the idea of Complete Streets to the next level.  All future street projects will not only consider motorized and non-motorized transportation, but also underground utilities such as municipal water supply, sanitary sewers, and storm drains, along with the rest of the parkway.  This does not mean we will always be able to fund all of these features, but we will strive to do so.

South Whittaker Street Will Be Repaved in 2014

The City has received federal transportation grant funding to repave South Whittaker Street in 2014.  The project will also:

  1. Widen shoulders to 5' wide for bicycles,
  2. Build sidewalks where they are absent between north of Detroit Street and just south of Clay Street,
  3. Replace bad sections of sidewalk between U.S. Route 12 and Washington, and
  4. Crosswalk improvements at the Whittaker-Clay intersection.

Downtown Infrastructure and Streetscape

Repaving North Whittaker Street and East Mechanic Street (Downtown) is part of the Downtown Infrastructure and Streetscape Plan.  More information will be forthcoming as details become available.

Complete Streets Program - Goals:

2013: PASER; Repave and new water mains for S Smith between US12-Michigan
2014: Repave S Whittaker St
2015-16: Downtown Infrastructure and Streetscape Project: Phase 1


Back in 2010, Jefferson Street was reconstructed within the City limits with wide bike lane shoulders (part of the the orange line on the map above).  One-third of this Complete Streets project's cost was covered by the City of New Buffalo, one-third by the Pokagon Band, and one-third by the Local Revenue Sharing Board.

Other Complete Streets accomplishments include the new sidewalk ordinance and a street excavation ordinance.