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Lakeshore Recycling 2020 Schedule

Thursday, December 26, 2019


City of New Buffalo Curbside Recycling

Lakeshore Recycling and Disposal will conduct recycling collection services every other week on

Wednesdays (unless indicated) for 2020:


•             January 8 and 22

•             February 5 and 19

•             March 4 and 18

•             April 1 and 15 and 29

•             May 13 and 27

•             June 10 and 24

•             July 8 and 22

•             August 5 and 19

•             September 2 and 16 and 30

•             October 14 and 28

•             November 11 and 25

•             December 9 and  23

The following is a list of materials that can be placed together in the recycling can:  (Items can be placed in the can together and do not need to be separated. Please rinse food residue out of cans and milk jugs.)


Paper and Cartons: Books , Cardboard, Catalogs and magazines, Cereal and cracker boxes, Computer paper and office paper, Egg cartons, Gift wrap, Juice boxes and cartons, Junk mail, Milk cartons, Newspaper and inserts, Paper bags, Shoe boxes, Shopping bags, Telephone books.


Metals: Empty and rinse cans. Aerosol cans, Aluminum cans (empty), Aluminum furniture, Aluminum pie pans and foil, Bimetal containers, Food cans and pet food cans, Metal lids and caps from glass bottles, Pots and pans


Glass: Empty and rinse bottles & jars. Brown, clear and green glass bottles and jars (e.g. beverage bottles, food jars, wine bottles)


Plastics and Polystyrene: All plastics labeled on or near the bottom with a number and letters contained within and beneath a triangle shaped "chasing arrows" symbol, packing peanuts, Beverage bottles (e.g. soda, water,) Bleach & household cleaner bottles, Egg cartons, Flower pots, Foam packing (e.g. hard packing around computers or stereos) Food containers (e.g. cottage cheese and margarine tubs, yogurt cups), Plastic bags, Prescription bottles


Yard Waste: Lakeshore will also be collecting all yard waste from April 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019 every Wednesday. Materials collected include grass, brush, leaves, weeds and limbs up to 4" in diameter no longer than 4 feet. All material other than limbs should be in biodegradable bags, 32 gallon can or bundle tied with a 50 pound limit. Residents may lease a 64 gallon cart from Lakeshore at a rate of $3.00/month billed to the resident.


Please contact Wendy at Lakeshore Recycling:  269-231-5623 or 877-LAKE-877 (877-525-3877)

Website:  www.lakeshorerecycle.com with any questions.


The City will continue to collect leaves raked to the curb in the fall and collect brush resulting from storm damage.  Please contact City Hall at 469-1500 with any concerns.



269.469.1500  ·  FAX 269.469.7917