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Parades and Marches Information

No one is permitted to have a parade or march without first obtaining a permit approved by the City Council.

Only a legally constituted groups applying at least thirty days prior to a planned parade or march can obtain a permit.

To be considered by the City Council for a legally constituted group to have a parade or march they must submit their written request for permission to the City Clerk.

Requests must include the name of the legally constituted group seeking to hold a parade or march and specify the date and time being sought for permission.

A $1.00 fee is also needed, however, the following groups are exempt: any political subdivision of the County, City, or state; and any patriotic organization such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and similar organizations.

Lawful regulations concerning parades and marches can be found in Chapter 13, "Parades and Marches", of the General Ordinances of the City.  The information provided above is only for convenience.

Please see City Ordinances, Chapter 13 - Parades and Marches.