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Park and Recreation Board (historic)

Note: This Commission was combined into the Parks/Harbor Commission in December, 2019.

Lake Michigan Coastal Communities Trail Towns Master Plan

The "Lake Michigan Coastal Communities Trail Towns Master Plan" is designed to better leverage and maximize the economic potential of  trail-based tourism within the community. The plan was developed by LIAA and funding was provided through the Michigan's Coastal Zone Managment Program (CZMP) and the SWMPC. To find lots of materials, including the full report of the Lake Michigan Coastal Communities please click on the following link.  http://www.swmpc.org/trailtowns.asp


The Harbor Commission and City of New Buffalo are pleased to now offer a live stream of the New Buffalo Harbor. Please click here to view.

The Park and Recreation Board (PRB) serves as an advisory body to the City Council for issues concerning the City's parks and recreational opportunities – for example, the City Beach, Oselka Park, and Sari Asher Memorial Park "Where Dogs Run and Play".  For detailed information concerning the responsibilities of the PRB please see the ordinance sections quoted below.

Board members use the Recreation Plan to assist them with their duties.

The Park and Recreation Board holds regular meetings on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM Eastern Time in the Community Room at City Hall, 224 W. Buffalo St., New Buffalo, MI 49117.  It is important to check the City calendar to confirm meeting dates, times, and details.

All meetings are open to the public and are accessible.  Persons requiring auxiliary aides and services or other accommodations should contact the City Clerk's office at 269-469-1500.

The PRB has five members and one alternate; their names with term ending dates are to the right.

The powers and duties of the Park and Recreation Board are explained in City Ordinances, Chapter 14 "Parks and Recreation", Article II "Park and Recreation Board", Sections 14-21 through 14-29, including:

Section 14-27.  Powers and duties - Policies, rules and regulations concerning city parks, playgrounds and recreation areas.  [Ord. 160, 8/29/2006]

The Park and Recreation Board shall study and formulate policies as to the maintenance, control and regulation of all City parks, recreational areas and playgrounds.  It shall also make recommendations to the City Council as to ways of improving, planning, and developing outdoor and indoor recreational, educational and social facilities and programs for the community.  The reasonableness and necessity of any such  policy, rule or regulations appertaining to any city park, recreational area, playground, recreation program or construction shall be determined by the City Council after a review of the recommendation of the Park and Recreation Board. 



PRB Meetings

Recreation Plan

City Beach

Lions Pavilion Park

Oselka Park

Sari Asher Memorial Park

Skate Park

Turtle Pond

Stacey La Rocco
PRB Chair
May 2021

Pat Fisher
PRB Vice Chair
May 2018

Linda Henderson
PRB Secretary
May 2021

Susan Stoneburner
PRB Member
May 2019

PRB Member