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Downtown Parking

Please explain the new parking enforcement plan for the Downtown Business District.

Parking will be limited to three hours through the Labor Day weekend from the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., local time.  The three-hour limit will be effective from mid-June through Labor Day between the same hours. The following streets are included in this three-hour time limit: Whittaker Street from Buffalo Street to Water Street; Mechanic Street from Barton Street to Thompson Street, and Merchant Street from Barton Street to Thompson Street.   

Who is going to be responsible for enforcing the three-hour parking limit?

The City hired a Parking Information Officer and this person will be responsible for educating all stakeholders about the appropriate parking laws and ordinances that directly affect them. This person will be authorized to issue parking citations to help ensure orderly and lawful parking of vehicles. The Parking Officer will work under the direction of the Police Department Administration.

City of New Buffalo

ORDINANCE No. 228 of 2018


AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND Sections 10-13 of the New Buffalo City code of ordinances to regulate downtown parking

The City of New Buffalo ordains:

Section 1.  Amendment.  Section 10-13 of the New Buffalo City Code is amended to read as follows:

Sec. 10-13. Parking and storing vehicles on public streets.

(a)  It is unlawful for any person to:

(1)  Park or store an inoperable vehicle on a public street.

(2)  Park a vehicle on a public street continuously, without movement, for a period longer than 7 days.

(3)  Park a vehicle in violation of a traffic control order promulgated by an authorized City official.

(3)  Park a vehicle for a period longer than 3 hours, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., between Memorial Day and Labor Day, on the following street segments:

(A)  Whittaker Street from Buffalo Street to Water Street;

(B) Mechanic Street from Barton Street to Thompson Street;

(C)  Merchant Street from Barton Street to Thompson Street.

(4)  Park a vehicle overnight between Memorial Day and Labor Day on the street segments listed in subsection (a)(3), except with an overnight parking permit issued pursuant to subsection (b).

(b)  The City’s police department shall implement the following permitting scheme for overnight parking on the street segments listed in subsection (a)(3):

(1)  Permit applications shall be submitted on a form issued by the City, and shall include an application fee in the amount of $1.00.

(2)  Permits will expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued.

Section 2.  Traffic Control Orders Rescinded. Traffic Control Orders 1, 4, 6, 22, and 43 are hereby rescinded.

Section 3.  Publication and Effective Date.  The City Clerk shall cause to be published a notice of adoption of this ordinance within 10 days of the date of its adoption.  This ordinance shall take effect upon  publication.

Sidewalk Obstructions

The City’s “Streets and Sidewalks” ordinance (Section 18-1) “prohibits placing any obstructions on any sidewalk, street, alley, lane, or public grounds within the City, which shall in any manner prevent or obstruct the full and free passage of the whole or any part thereof.”  Please comply with this prohibition until such time as the downtown pedestrian traffic flow can be studied or a new sidewalk ordinance is adopted.  While this has been in place for some time, this will be strictly enforced starting June 12, 2018 and relates only to City of New Buffalo property. 

If you have an objection, please attend a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Meeting which are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 8:00 a.m. and are posted on the City Website.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, you may submit a letter to the New Buffalo City DDA, 224 West Buffalo Street, New Buffalo, MI  49117.

City Manager

Welcome Officer Scott Olney

Scott Olney is the Police Department’s newest full time officer.  Scot has taken the place of Logan McIntyre who moved on to a job in the Grand Rapids area which was much closer to home for him.  Scott has been a police officer for over twenty years and has vast experience, he started his career with the Michigan State Police and worked out of the New Buffalo Post for his first assignment.  After his career with the State Police, Scot went on to work as a Sheriff’s Deputy and a small town police chief.  Scot’s experience will be a great asset to our community and we are thrilled to have him working for us here in New Buffalo.

Parking Permit

Parking permits are required for anyone wishing to leave a vehicle overnight on North Whittaker Street between Buffalo and Water Streets, Mechanic Street between Thompson and Barton Streets, and Merchant Street between Thompson and Barton Streets.  Vehicles cannot be left overnight in the Whittaker Street public lot.  Vehicles may be left overnight on any other city streets that have legal on-street parking as well as other city lots. Parking Permit Instructions  Permits may be obtained at City Hall both at the City Offices and the Police Department for the cost of $1.00.  Please click here for instructions.

Introducing Richard ("Rich") Killips, Chief of Police

 Richard Killips

The City of New Buffalo is excited to welcome our new Chief of Police, Rich Killips.  His official start date was Tuesday, February 20, 2018, but he has already made substantial contributions to the Police Department and the City’s administration.   

Rich was born and raised here in New Buffalo and previously worked for the City’s Police Department. His extensive experience encompasses 24 years in SW Michigan including 6-1/2 years with the Pokagon Band Tribal Police. 

We look forward to working closely with our new Police Chief as he brings a “new direction” to the City’s Police Department and a fresh vision to the fabric of the community.

Seasonal Police Officers Needed 

The City of New Buffalo is accepting applications for the position of Seasonal Police Officer. Applicants must be certifiable in the State of Michigan by May 1, 2019. This position works up to forty hours a week patrolling the lakefront and business district of our vibrant City. This position also helps staff our Marine Safety Unit and will support the Lifeguards with their daily duties. Successful officers may be retained at the end of the season for part-time employment year round. Uniforms and equipment will be provided and candidates may be eligible for housing assistance if traveling from long distances.


• Must be a US Citizen and at least 21 years of age.

• Must possess a valid Michigan driver's license and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

• May not have any felony or other serious criminal convictions.

• Must submit to and successfully pass a background investigation, physical and psychological exams.

• Must be MCOLES licensed and must be available to cover shifts as needed.

Press Release

Over the weekend of November 13th -15th, New Buffalo City Police Officers were notified of approximately seven (7) motor vehicles that had been broken into sometime between the hours of midnight and 3am on November 14th

The vehicles were located in various neighborhoods throughout the City.  The vehicles were all left unlocked by owners, and it appears the suspect(s) took loose currency leaving behind most other valuables. It was reported that other vehicles had been ransacked, but nothing was reported to be missing. They wanted police to be aware of it.

New Buffalo City Police are again reminding homeowners lock the doors to their vehicles, homes, and any out buildings on their properties, and to report any suspicious activity or people in your neighborhood to the New Buffalo City Police Department, at


The New Buffalo City Police Department serves and protects the City of New Buffalo, which includes approximately 2.5 square miles, a year-round population of approximately 2,000 people, and a seasonal population, which is much larger.  The department is made up of seven full-time officers, plus part-time, reserve, and seasonal officers. 


Free Gun Locks are Available at the New Buffalo Police Department Lobby

Click here for a New Parents Guide to Gun Safety in the home.  Please remember to lock firearms for the protection of all members of the household. 

Officer Hansen in NBCPD Marine Patrol Boat

NBCPD Marine Patrol Boat.


Rich Killips
Chief of Police

Jason Grimmett

Mike Cluster
Police Officer
School Resource Officer

Russell Tillery
Police Officer

David Hockenhull
Police Officer 

Scot Olney
Police Officer

Nate Voytovick
Police Officer

Vicki Youst
Administrative Assistant

Gail Grosse
Parking and Ordinance Enforcement