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Stormwater/Asset Management/Wastewater Grant

Commonly known as the SAW Grant, the Stormwater/Asset Management/Wastewater Grant is a 3 year program for the City to inventory and televise the sewer system (both sanitary and storm water), then establish a GIS system to reference maps and the sewer videos.  Also as part of the program, an initial asset management plan for each system will be completed.  The asset management plans will evaluate the sewer system, analyze funding and costs and establish a framework for the City to regularly maintain and repair our infrastructure system.

The State grant was awarded to New Buffalo in November 2014, and the final deliverables (Asset Management Plans) are due to the state by October 29, 2017.

Currently, the City's SAW Grant consultant has completed all of the field work, and is compiling data to convert and link everything in a GIS based system.  The consultant is also preparing the asset management plans for submission to the State.