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2020 Tax Payments



City of New Buffalo Budget

Payment of Property Taxes

Summer tax bills are mailed July 1 and are payable through October 1 without penalty. Summer taxes not paid by October 1 are assessed a 4% penalty.

Winter tax bills are mailed December 1 and are payable through February 14 without penalty. Winter taxes not paid by February 14 are assessed a 4% penalty through the last day of February.

As of March 1, taxes MUST be paid to the Berrien County Treasurer in St. Joseph with additional penalty and interest. Both tax bills cover a calendar year - January through December.

Auto-pay City Utility Bill Payments

Residents and property owners are able to auto pay City utility bills (water, sanitary sewer, and garbage/recycling). Please print, fill-out, and return this Authorization for Withdrawals form to sign up for auto-pay.

Performance Dashboard

As part of the State of Michigan's Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP), the City has created this Performance Dashboard information.

Performance Dashboard

The information previously found in the Citizen's Guide link is now available for use and review at MI Community Financial Dashboard

Take a look at the MI Community Financial Dashboard.


Senior Summer Deferments

Seniors who meet the qualifications can defer payment of summer taxes until February 14th by filing the deferment form with the tax department.

To qualify, seniors must own and occupy their home, must be 62 years of age and either paraplegic, quadriplegic, eligible service person, eligible veteran, eligible widow or widower, blind or permanently disabled with an annual income under $25,000.

Homestead Property Tax Credit

Seniors must file a Homestead Property Tax Credit form with the State of Michigan (as part of the Michigan 1040 form) and qualify for a refund.

For more information, visit www.michigan.gov

Payment of City Utility Bills

Payments are due the last day of the month. A 10% penalty will be applied after that date.

All payments made to the City must be paid by check or cash. Credit cards are accepted at City Hall and by paying online at www.cityofnewbuffalo.org along with a transaction fee of 3%. If you have any questions, please contact us at 269-469-1500.

Please see City Utility Bills for more information.